Thursday, February 26, 2009

So Close...

I heard from Philip again today; he called to say that our papers are back from D.C. (the Virginia documents) and they are all ready to go. All that we are waiting for right now are the documents from the Embassy in Houston. Remember how much luck I had with Houston? Hopefully Philip will have better luck! He said he's waiting until Tuesday, but if he still hasn't heard anything by then he will start making phone calls.

He does have everything completely ready to go, however. He said the second the Houston documents come back, he will put our entire dossier in the mail to China. That may be tomorrow, but more likely next week.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Philip called again this morning to say that our paperwork came back from Florida and now it is authenticated correctly. Now he will send all of our Virginia documents to DC to be authenticated by the embassy there, and our Florida and Georgia documents to Houston for their embassy authentication. Hopefully by the end of next week he will have everything back. The next step is to send everything to China!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Good Ol' Florida!

I heard from Philip today; he received our dossier and has looked through it all. He said everything looks great except for one thing: Florida gave us the wrong authentication for Paul's police clearance. If you remember, Florida has not been the easiest state to work with; it took them 4 (yes, four!) tries to get Paul's police clearance right in the first place, and now they send the wrong authentication for it. So Philip called them to try to get them to straighten it out, but they claim that they have no record of ever having done an authentication for us- they do not even have our name in their system! Figures. Anyway, all this means is that they have conned us out of another $10 because we will have to pay to have it re-done from scratch. Oh well! What's another $10 at this point?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Special Fortune

This one's for real! This really was in my fortune cookie last night:

More Ladybugs for Caitlin!

My mom gave Caitlin a surprise package! It contained 2 adorable ladybug outfits from Gymboree. They are so cute and I can't wait to see Caitlin in them! My mom was shopping with her friend and she said that when she saw the ladybug collection she just couldn't resist...Aren't they adorable?! You can't really see it in the picture here, but the little hat has antennae (SO cute!), and the jeans even have ladybug buttons. The pink outfit looks so warm and comfy and it's reversable! Everything is absolutely adorable and it was a wonderful surprise. It really brightened my day!