Monday, February 1, 2010

2 More Marbles

China sent out 2 more days worth of referrals. Only 2 days, which was disappointing to me at first, but then I learned that they were 2 big days- 2 of the 4 biggest for the month of April 2006, in fact. Many people were afraid that, based on the number of families logged in those days, the CCAA might only send out 1 day of referrals this month, so most are pleased that they went ahead and included the second (also large) day. The actual number of families who got a referral this time equals about double the number of families included in the last, tiny batch sent out at Christmas. If they continue with this number of families referred in each batch, then the next batch should be several days (possibly even 6 days), because the next 6 days of April 2006 were small days.

This also means that they seem to be back to sending out referrals on a more regular basis. There were 2 batches in December, and now one was sent just a little over one month later. After the nightmare of what was happening last year (2009) with the CCAA only sending out referrals sporadically, sometimes going 6-8 weeks between sending out referrals, and then giving silly excuses as to why, I am just thrilled to be getting back on a schedule. As long as they keep sending them somewhat regularly (at about a batch per month), I take this as a good sign- a sign of movement!

We are now up to April 5, 2006, meaning there is still about 3 years worth of a backlog before they can get to our LID of March 20, 2009. BUT, once they get through April 2007 things should move much more quickly. April 2007 is when the rules changed and it became much more difficult to adopt from China. Many people no longer qualify to adopt from China, based on the new rules, so the number of families logging in dropped dramatically. Once we get to May 2007 things SHOULD start to fly, but how long it takes to get through the next year of LIDs (April 2006 to April 2007) is anyone's guess!Jar #1 now has 1,081 marbles; we are 28 days closer to Caitlin!

(I have temporarily misplaced my jar labels- sorry!)